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Art Cards : Look, Discuss, and Reflect with Resources from the People’s Collection at the NCMA

Art Cards

Art Cards are flexible resources. There is no wrong way to use them. They include information about the art and artist and prompts for looking, discussion, and reflection. Each card connects to at least one of the following concepts: identity, place, and power. There are unique sets for Elementary School, Middle School, and High School grade blocks linked below.

  • Use for the whole class, in small groups, or individually
  • Project the art for the whole class or small groups can use the physical card or view on student devices.
  • Consider trying as a series over several days of 5 minute warm-ups, cool-downs, or transition activities.
  • Use as the focus for any classroom community-building time
  • Launch or close out a unit or new topic
  • Support quick writing from close looking, discussion, or reflection questions
  • Create art based on the subject or visual ideas explored on any card

Art Cards were developed in collaboration with the 2021-2022 Teacher Advisory Council with content contributions from Mollie Muse, Liz Peeples, Ashley Berdeau, and Katherine Hobbs.