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Virtual Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips with NCMA give students the opportunity to engage with objects in the museum’s permanent collection, from the classroom!

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More About VFTs

During these FREE, interactive experiences with a museum educator, students actively engage in discussion and develop visual literacy skills through closely looking at, describing, and connecting with 2-3 works of art.

Virtual Field Trip Length:

  • Kindergarten – 5th grade – 30 minutes
  • 6th – 12th grade –  30 or 45 minutes (teacher’s choice)

Class Size:

  • minimum # of students – 5
  • maximum # of students – 30

The NCMA welcomes students with disabilities and diverse learning needs to participate in our virtual field trip program. Virtual field trips can be customized according to a teacher’s recommendations to ensure the accessibility of the experience. Captioning, audio description, and ASL interpretation are available upon request.



Program Topics Offered

The following cross-curricular standards-based programs include optional pre-visit slideshow, a live virtual experience with an NCMA educator, and optional post-visit resources. Click on the rectangles below to learn more about each program.

Program For Teachers

All About Virtual Field Trips

Interested in virtual field trips, but not sure what it’s all about?  In this free, interactive 30-minute session, teachers will learn about programs offered, student and teacher expectations, technology needed, and how to sign up for virtual field trips.  Teachers will leave the session with their questions answered and ready to book a virtual field trip with their students.  Teachers that participate in this program and follow up with an NCMA virtual field trip for their students are awarded 0.5 CEU.  Sign up here for All About VFTS,


Additional Program Opportunities

Virtual field trips for youth in libraries, hospital schools, or after school programs can be customized according to need.  For more information, contact

Even More Info About VFTs

Click the rectangles below to learn more about what to expect during your virtual field trip as well as technology needed for VFTs.

What teachers are saying about VFTs



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What VFTs look like