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Rob Amberg (artist)



Whether working on a series over a period of decades or doing freelance projects for nonprofit organizations and publications, Rob Amberg is concerned primarily with southern cultural traditions and communities. More work by this photographer can be viewed at


tags: NC art, NC artist, North Carolina

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Rob Amberg (born 1947 in Washington, D.C.) is a North Carolina photographer, folklorist, and chronicler of a small Madison County mountain community, Revere, North Carolina (also known as Sodom or Sodom Laurel), which he depicted in his long-term photo project Sodom Laurel Album. Amberg anticipated the completion of highway I-26 from Charleston, South Carolina, to the Tennessee Tri-Cities area (Bristol-Kingsport-Johnson City) and, starting in 1994, began photographing, interviewing, and collecting objects to document the cutting of a nine-mile stretch of I-26 through some of North Carolina's most spectacular vistas and some of the world's oldest mountains—a project which contributed to the publication of his book The New Road. His documentary photography is archived in a collection at Duke University Library.