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Roxy Paine (artist)



Paine’s works focus on the place of nature in contemporary culture and can provoke thoughts about current environmental issues, including global warming, genetic engineering, and cloning. For more information:

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Roxy Paine (born 1966, New York City) is an American painter and sculptor widely known for his installations that often convey elements of conflict between the natural world and the artificial plains man creates. He was educated at both the College of Santa Fe (now Santa Fe University of Art and Design) in New Mexico and the Pratt Institute in New York.Since 1990, Paine's works have been exhibited in major collections and galleries across the United States, Germany, Sweden, England, the Netherlands, and Israel. His most reviewed exhibitions include Replicants, Machines, Dendroids, and Dioramas. Roxy Paine currently lives and works in Brooklyn and Treadwell, New York.