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Virgil Ortiz (artist)

Cochiti Pueblo
born 1969–


Virgil Ortiz is a Pueblo artist from the Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico. He comes from a family of Pueblo potters. Both his mother and grandmother are famous potters. He first gained recognition for his black-and-white ceramics. His current work includes different types of media and is inspired by sci-fi movies and Pueblo history. His ongoing series tells the story of the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. It features a cast of characters that he created. The series includes jars, busts, textiles, and live actors.

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Virgil Ortiz (born 1969) is a Pueblo artist, known for his pottery and fashion design from Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico. Ortiz makes a variety of pottery, including traditional Cochiti figurative pottery, experimental figurative pottery, traditional pottery vessels. His clothing and jewelry designs are influenced by traditional Native American pattern and aesthetics. He is best known for his edgy pottery figures, his contemporary take on the traditional Cochiti pottery figures (monos) from the late 1800s.