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Sir William Pepperrell (1746-1816) and His Family (work of art)

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90 x 108 in.
(228.6 x 274.3 cm)


John Singleton Copley was never content with being the finest portrait painter in the American colonies. He fortuitously quit Boston just as revolution was breaking out and settled in London. There he had to refashion his whole style of painting to appeal to aristocratic patrons. One of his first major commissions came from an old Boston acquaintance. One of the wealthiest men in New England, Sir William Pepperrell paid dearly for his loyalty to the Crown. The family was forced into exile, but not before the tragic death of Lady Pepperrell. Thus the portrait Sir William commissioned from Copley is an elaborate fiction, the family made whole again. For the grieving widower and his children, the painting offered a comforting vision of what might have been had not war and death come knocking.

tags: children, narrative, identity



  • Copley Sir William Pepperrell (1746-1816) and His Family Painting 1778

    Sir William Pepperrell (1746-1816) and His Family by John Singleton Copley