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Winter Landscape (work of art)

Artwork Info

Artist Details
circa 1625-1630
46 1/2 x 65 5/16 in.
(118.1 x 165.9 cm)


De Momper’s Winter Landscape reveals aspects of rural life in Flanders, where work competes with pleasure. At the lower right, a woman burdened with firewood warms one free hand in her skirt. Her son, hands in pockets, carries one stick, and a smaller girl trails behind empty-handed. On the left a man empties a basket of manure onto a dung heap. A close look will find chickens scratching for food and pigs’ heads poking out from a run-down barn. Life around the castle in the background is more leisurely. A man at the entrance returns with his hunting dogs. On the ice are skaters and a man playing kolf, a game something like golf that was very popular on the frozen rivers and canals of Flanders and the Netherlands.


Tags: weather, snow, seasons, animals


  • Momper Winter Landscape 1625 painting

    Winter Landscape by Joos de Momper II

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Purchased with funds from the State of North Carolina