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Online Course: Art and Math (Opens June 23) (event)

Roman Mosaic

Art and Math: Exploring Points of Integration

This course runs from June 23 through August 18, 2020.

This self-paced, ten hour course explores points of integration between the K-8 North Carolina Essential Standards in Math and Visual Art. The course includes opportunities for educators to learn strategies for using art to identify math concepts, apply math skills to create art, and to reflect within a collaborative peer learning community. Participants will gain an understanding of best practices in arts integration and will become more familiar with the North Carolina Museum of Art’s collection. 

Each course module is divided into three sections: Define, Explore, and Practice. In Define, we introduce concepts, vocabulary, and works of art to stimulate thinking and help you begin identifying points of integration between art and math. In Explore, we ask you to deeply engage in those points of integration through participating in visual thinking routines and short activities that uncover math within art. In Practice, you will engage in using math as the building blocks to create art by viewing teacher spotlight videos and exploring exemplar lesson ideas.  You will reflect on these various projects and select several that connect best with the mathematics standards that you teach, trying out those projects and planning how you would adapt them to your teaching.  

The 7 Points of Integration covered in the course are:

  • Shape 
  • Pattern
  • Symmetry
  • Measurement
  • Coordinate Points and Planes
  • Ratio/Fractions
  • Data Visualization

The course is aligned with the K–8 North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Visual Art and Math, which can be adapted to support foundational knowledge in secondary art and math courses. They are open to educators of all disciplines and audiences. A certificate of participation for 10 hours will be provided (1 CEU) with approval from the local school system).

Tickets available now!

08/18/2020 8:00 am
$43.97 Nonmember, $35.39 member (including taxes and fees)