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Webinar: Golden Mummies of Egypt (event)

Mummy of a woman called Isaious (detail)

How did cultural traditions evolve when Egypt was ruled by the Greeks and Romans? Golden Mummies of Egypt features art from the beginning of Greek rule of Egypt in 332 BCE through the Roman Emperor Constantine’s embrace of Christianity around 300 CE. What can the art from this time tell us about the beliefs, values, and religious practices around death and the afterlife of the wealthiest members of this society? Join NCMA Egyptologist Caroline Rocheleau and NCMA educators for this hourlong webinar to learn more about the Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibition and resources and opportunities available to students and educators. Participants who complete a survey following the webinar are eligible to receive 0.1 CEU with prior approval from their school system.

Join us on February 16:

02/16/2021 4:00 pm