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Webinar: Remixing NCMA Resources for Teaching about Ancient Cultures (event)

Roman Mosaic

In light of recent events, the North Carolina Museum of Art and National Humanities Center have postponed our webinar until August to focus on providing resources to encourage critical thinking and discussion surrounding the issues of race, inequality, and justice. We encourage you to explore this wonderful resource at to learn about ancient art as well as other topics in response to current events. In particular, we recommend the curated Collection on Teaching Race, Place, and Social Justice in the HICDL. There are 98 resources in this collection from experts in the field.


Work side-by-side with the North Carolina Museum of Art to better understand how to use objects from the Ancient World in your classroom. For educators and students, the past comes alive through interrogation of sources, with inquiry-based activities, and through direct connection with our modern world. Participants will receive a free membership to the new Humanities in Class Digital Library, a collaboration led by the National Humanities Center that allows educators at all levels to access, collect, remix, and publish instructional materials using the highest quality sources.  This Open Education Resource (OER) platform provides a makerspace environment for you to learn and design activities that use the NCMA collection.

Our webinars are interactive, interdisciplinary, and free. Participants who complete a survey following a webinar are eligible to receive .1 CEU with prior approval from their school system.


08/06/2020 2:00 pm