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NCMA Conservation Lab in 360 (360 Video)

Launch the 360 video in fullscreen mode

Explore the NCMA’s conservation lab in this 360 video designed for high school and college students.


To view in a VR headset, click on the icon in the bottom right corner and follow the prompts. Or, go to and enter code: 091-3731

To view fullscreen on a laptop or desktop, go to

To navigate in fullscreen mode, drag your cursor around to see a 360 view of the conservation lab. Use the menu to access hotspots that provide more information about scientific and restoration processes used in conservation of works of art–including x-ray and infrared photography, isotopic materials analysis, UV light analysis, and XRF technologies.

This experience works best on the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. See Wonda VR’s platform compatibility page for more information about browsers and how to view using VR headsets.

Use this checklist to make sure you’ve visited all the hotspots.

See definitions for each hotspot.

Learn more about conservation at the North Carolina Museum of Art. Additional resources related to conservation can be found below.

The Bacchus Conservation Project is made possible by Bank of America and The Institute of Museum and Library Services (MA-30-16-0264-16). Additional support provided by Steve and Frosene Zeis and Don Davis and Peggy Wilks. Support for collection research and initial study of the statue of Bacchus is made possible by Ann and Jim Goodnight/The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fund for Curatorial and Conservation Research and Travel.

The NCMA Connects program is generously supported by the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust.