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A Letter to Black Genius (Story)

Dear Black Genius,

Yes, I am talking to you. We at Village of Wisdom are also waiting for the decisions of the 2020 election. As we wait together, join us in the practice of taking deep, slow, calming breaths. To support you in your liberatory breathing, I invite you to watch our two and a half minute Dear Black Genius film short created by our village of artists, elders, parents and youth just for you, just for a time like this.

Enthusiastic viewers are re-watching the Dear Black Genius as a daily mindfulness practice. Black Parents are downloading Black Genius Tools from our website. And Black Geniuses just like you are taking the pledge to become Black Genius Protectors. How do you protect the Black Geniuses in your life?

Here are 3 simple steps you can take right now:

  1. Watch the Dear Black Genius film short
  2. Share the film short with and affirm a Black Genius you know
  3. Vow to become a Black Genius Protector, sign up now

We are so grateful that your genius is part of the village. Regardless of the election’s outcome we know you’ve got this. And know, that we’ve got you.

In struggle & liberation,

Aya Shabu (she/her/hers)
Special Project Manager | VILLAGE OF WISDOM

M: (617) 959.2076  |  @villageofwisdom

Black Genius, Breathe: A Black to School video by Village of Wisdom

The 'Breathe Black Genius' video is designed to help center feelings of courage, joy, and peace inside of all Black Geniuses, young and old alike. Find out how to support Village of Wisdom's campaign I am Black Genius on our website at -