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Art Mathematicians, a Virtual Field Trip for grades K-6 (Tour Resource)

Art Mathematicians

In this VFT, students will practice observation, collaboration, and creative thinking to discover the applications of math concepts in objects from the NCMA’s permanent collection.  Choose from course level-specific programs below.


Ancient Objects & Early Math, for grades K-2

Students will engage with two ancient objects from the museum’s collection and explore their uses of geometric and organic shapes, patterns, and texture.  Students will have the opportunity to discover the shapes that they carry with them every day by making a rubbing of the bottom of their shoes.  Please have crayons and copy paper available for students. 


Artists as Real-World Math Problem Solvers, for grades 3-6

Students will engage with objects from the museum’s collection and explore their uses of geometry, area & perimeter, ratios, and coordinate planes.  Students will have to solve the mathematical problems that artists, curators, and art handlers might deal with in their everyday lives. Please have calculators available for students, if necessary. 

Pre-Visit Slideshow for Art Mathematicians 

The following slideshow contains images from the museum to prepare your students for their VFT.  Use any or all of the questions in the speaker notes to guide your students through engagement with the slideshow in preparation for your visit.  Feel free to customize your questioning to students’ interests, your class goals, and the time you have available to spend.  If you’d like to enlarge, copy or edit the slideshow, click here. If anything comes up in conversation with this slideshow that you would like to share with your facilitator, please send an email to at least 2 days before your tour.  We look forward to meeting with you and your students during your VFT!

Post-Visit Teacher Choice Board for Art Mathematicians 

Click here to view the post-visit choice board that contains resources related to your VFT.  Feel free to use any or all of the resources for teaching and learning after your VFT is complete.  Please be sure to preview all resources to select the ones in part or whole that fit your classroom best. 

VFT in action

Virtual Field Trips are FREE, interactive experiences, live with a museum educator.