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Compare and Connect: What role do ceremonies and traditions play in forming your identity? (Ready to Go Resource)

Ready-to-go resources are short, flexible learning activities that center art as texts. In “Compare and Connect” students use a guiding question to compare works of art within the context of a shared theme and produce brief writing examples. The activities are presented in google slide decks with teaching notes to make classroom implementation easy.

Helmet Mask (Sowei) and Ludwig Yehuda Wolpert's Passover Seder Set.

Guiding Question: What role do ceremonies and traditions play in forming your identity?

Featuring Helmet Mask (Sowei) and Ludwig Yehuda Wolpert’s Passover Seder Set.

Make your own copy! Check the slide notes for the teacher’s guide.


Total Activity Pacing: 30 minutes across 2 days

Grade(s): 9-12

Activity Overview:

  • In this Compare and Connect activity, students will discuss 2 ceremonial objects from 2 different cultures, then research facts about the ceremony as a preparatory exercise for informative writing.
  • In Day One: Discuss, students will view and discuss objects are vastly different in appearance, both were designed around the same time for ceremonies specific to their respective cultures. Students will consider what the objects show about their respective cultures, as well as how our traditions help to form our identities.
  • In Day Two: Write, students will research the ceremony associated with the art and write 3-5 facts as an informative response.