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Activity Idea: Andrew Jackson (Quick Tip)

Use the following strategies for Ralph Eleazer Whiteside(s) Earl’s Andrew Jackson.

  1. Looking at a map of North Carolina, identify places named for political, military and historical figures (e.g., Pitt County, named for William Pitt). Why did area citizens decide to name their home after a famous person? What contributions did that person make to North Carolina? Imagine that you were given the opportunity to name a town or county. Who would you name your place after? Why?
  2. The city of Raleigh, home to Jacob Marling, was founded in 1792 as a permanent capital in North Carolina. Pick another city or town in North Carolina and research its history. Who started the place and why? Design a travel brochure for the place incorporating your research.
  3. Andrew Jackson’s parents were Scotch-Irish immigrants. Define the term Scotch-Irish. Why did many Scotch-Irish emigrate to the United States and North Carolina in particular? Name some other groups of people who came to the United States to start a new life. Use a cause-and-effect chart to document reasons for emigration to the colonies and, later, the United States.
  4. View a collection of political cartoons (examples: “rats,” “troubled treasures,” Jackson as King) that give humorous and harsh looks at Andrew Jackson and his actions and political policies. Select a contemporary North Carolina political figure who has been in the news recently (e.g., governor, national or state senator or representative, mayor) and learn about issues associated with that person through newspaper or Internet research. Create a political cartoon featuring that person to express your opinion about an issue.