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Learn More: NCMA Fellowship for Collaborative Teaching (Story)

NCMA Fellowship for Collaborative Teaching

The NCMA is a go-to resource for educators of all subjects across the state. Our goal is to provide quality experiences and resources for educators that foster critical thinking and creative problem solving to help students and teachers make connections through art. From programs such as school visits, online courses, and onsite workshops to resources that include a connected database of works of art, lessons, and videos on NCMALean, we strive to meet the needs of educators across our state.

One of the most remarkable programs we get to do each year is offer teams of teachers the opportunity to become part of a collaborative community. The NCMA Fellowship for Collaborative Teaching offers year-long support in art-integrated instruction to pairs of NC Educators. This annual cohort of educators attend on-site and online professional development, plan and implement their own integrated lessons with the support of NCMA educators, and thrive in a supportive and inspired community of educators. The application period for next year’s cohort runs through April 30, 2018.

We asked a few of our past and current fellows to share how they’ve benefited from becoming part of this community.


What I didn’t anticipate was how much working with other talented educators would enrich me. I was awed by the ideas the other teachers came up with to enable their students to be creative and make meaningful connections to the world via art integration!

Joe Siegling, Spanish, North Garner Middle School


Making Connections with Art

There are so many remarkable components the fellowship provides that have given me ample resources to empower students to make connections among the arts and other disciplines. As a visual arts teacher, the opportunity for me and my students to view great artwork by great artists at the museum is one of my favorite aspects about being a fellowship participant.

Deverne Jackson, Art Teacher, Berewick Elementary


Continuing to Participate in the Arts

I feel so solidly prepared to make a contribution because of all the hard work you did with us during workshops and meetings. Without the Fellowship experience over the last year, I would not have had a clue what to do—not to mention, I wouldn’t have signed up for [a teacher advisory council] in the first place.

Chris Livingstone, ESL Teacher, Brogden Middle School


How does the fellowship benefit teachers?

What other teachers may gain from this experience is the chance to look at their curriculum through a new lens, and their students will reap all the benefits of their creative new approach.  I have watched as students who don’t regularly participate in class gain confidence as we approach subjects that might not be their favorite from an angle that they feel more comfortable in. The confidence gained has been amazing for all of my students.

Lisa Buch, Fifth Grade, A. B. Combs Elementary


About the Fellowship

NCMA’s Fellowship for Collaborative Teaching offers year-long support in art integration strategies to pairs of NC Educators. Participating teachers become part of a collaborative community, attend on-site and online professional development sessions, and plan and implement integrated lessons in their classrooms. The application process is open to pairs of teachers who teach at the same school. The application deadline is April 30. A letter of support from your principal is required.

  • Learn more here.
  • FAQ
  • About the application: The application must be completed in one sitting. You will be asked to provide insight into your understanding of arts integration and describe lessons you have implemented in your classroom. Be prepared to upload your resume and the letter of recommendation from your principal.

The NCMA Fellowship for Collaborative Teaching is made possible by the NCMA Connects grant from the William R. Kenan Charitable Trust.