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Activity Idea: Letter Explorations (Quick Tip)

Need: index cards or small pieces of paper, pencils

View El Mestikawy’s 9A Letters. Have students walk around the case to view the forms on all sides. Possible questions to ask: What do you see? What do you wonder? What’s a sound that A makes? What are some words that start with the letter A? Does anyone’s name in the group start with an A?

Drawing Activity: What letter does your name start with? Create (4-5?) drawings of the letter that starts your name (or can let them choose their favorite letter…?). Have students create one drawing of the letter per card. Students will create a total of (4-5? ) drawings/cards, and each drawing should be different. Encourage them to use their imagination and creativity to draw the letter in different, unexpected ways. It may be big/small, uppercase, lowercase, dark, light, folded, and more. Finally, students should arrange the cards in an order they like. Have students do a gallery walk/share.