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Meet the Art: Bridal Veil Falls (Quick Tip)

Albert Bierstadt, Bridal Veil Falls


Here is a painting of the outdoors. This painting shows a beautiful waterfall.

  • How do you think a waterfall might sound?
  • Would it be louder than water running in a bathtub?
  • If you went to this place, what else would you hear?
  • Which part of this place would you most like to explore?


  • Do you think the weather is warm or cold in this picture?
  • How would this scene look different if it were winter?
  • Explore NCMALearn to find another outdoor painting that has trees, rocks, or water and shows cold weather. How do you know  the weather is cold?


Take a walk in a nearby park or your own backyard. Collect interesting rocks, leaves, flowers, or grasses. When you get back inside, put your collection in a small box or special place. Continue to add to your collection.