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Meet the Art: Suzy’s Sun (for Judy Tyler) (Quick Tip)

Joseph Cornell, Suzy's Sun (for Judy Tyler)


The artist Joseph Cornell collected small special objects and arranged them in a box to tell a story. In this box, look for a sun and a seashell.

  • Do you see the boats?
  • Have you been to a place that has sunshine, seashells, and boats? Where were you?
  • Whatelse can you find in the box?


Find other works of art on NCMALearn that have seashells, boats, or glass objects. Do the works of art remind you of a place that you have visited? Create a story about each work of art that you find.


Make a story box like Joseph Cornell’s.

  • Where is your favorite place?
  • Go to your favorite place and collect small objects that are from that place.
  • Keep your collection in a box.
  • Tell a friend about the objects from your collection.