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Meet the Art: Wondrous Birds (Quick Tip)

Hans Thoma, Wondrous Birds


How many birds do you see in this painting? These birds are flying high in the sky. What else do you see in the sky? Pretend you are flying next to these birds. Flap your arms like a bird up in the sky.


The Museum is full of paintings that show us different skies. See how many skies you can find on NCMALearn. What things do you see in the sky in the daytime? What do you see in the sky at night?


Lie in the grass and look at the sky. What do you see in the day sky? Visit your backyard at night and look for stars in the night sky.

  • Paint a day sky picture with small sponges and white tempera paint on light blue construction paper, or draw clouds with white chalk. Use crayons or markers to draw other things you see in the day sky.
  • On dark construction paper, draw a night sky with stars and lights that sparkle at night.