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NCMA Explore Teacher Resources: Ancient Rome (NCMA Explore Resource)

Pre-Explore Resource: Pack Your Bags for Rome!

The “Pack Your Bags for Rome!” activity is designed to help students build background knowledge on Rome before they engage with the Ancient Rome portion of NCMA Explore. This activity should be assigned to students to complete independently on a device in class or for homework and should take about 15-20 minutes. Make sure students view slides in presentation mode to support animations. If you’d like to copy and edit a version of this activity, click here.

Post-Explore Resources

Convince Me! Debate Protocol 

  • This activity engages students in a process of preparing and defending an argument around the question “Where do ancient artifacts belong?” Students work in pairs and the activity takes 45-50 minutes, spread over two days. Print the note catcher for students here.

Art Card for Polychrome Mosaic Fragment

  • Use the NCMA Explore art card slide deck for the Polychrome Mosaic Fragment to engage students in a deeper, whole-class discussion around an object from the NCMA Explore Ancient Rome learning environment. To wrap up the activity, ask students to consider via think-pair-share: How does this object help us understand what people in ancient Rome valued? How do these values align with values in your local, statewide, or national community? The art card slide deck activity takes about 25 minutes to complete.