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Poems of Gratitude (Quick Tip)

Poems of Gratitude Inspired by The Cathedral 

By Katherine White, Deputy Director 

Auguste Rodin’s The Cathedral (1908) brings together two right hands forever touching and bringing to mind the vault of a Gothic cathedral. Our collection of Rodin’s works is a constant favorite of visitors, and The Cathedral inspires in us feelings of gratitude for the joy visitors find in it.

Poetry Exercise 

We acknowledge that gratitude can be a mixed emotion, one inspired by sheer joy and one inspired by memories accompanied by regret or a desire to have done something differently as we reflect and find new value or joy in memories. To honor The Cathedral, we want to highlight Robert Hayden’s poem  “Those Winter Sundays,” where the speaker reflects upon his father’s efforts to warm the house on cold Sunday mornings and his regret that he did not show his father appreciation at the time. 

We wonder if some of you may be experiencing moments of gratitude for your family, for health care workers, for frontline workers, or for a quieter time in your life; likewise, we wonder if you may be looking back on your workplace, travel, or busier days, wishing you had demonstrated more gratitude to those around you or in the experience itself. We invite you to write a poem expressing that gratitude, to share your poem on social media, and to tag #ncartmuseum.