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Activity Idea: Snap Judgements (Quick Tip)

You may opt to do this activity using smartphone/tablet cameras or sketching on index cards–if sketching on index cards you could draw a 4” x 4” square similar to a square Instagram format.

  1. Break your group into 2-4 smaller groups and assign a zone of the sculpture to them.
  2. Discuss birds-eye view and ground-level perspective with them.
  3. Ask them to take time to look, then identify a detail from this zone that stands out to them. Have them discuss how the detail relates to the sculpture as a whole.  
  4. Have each group take a photo or sketch their selected detail from an interesting perspective.
  5. The groups will pass their sketch or photo to a group across from them. Each group will try to identify the key detail and come up with a theory for why that detail was selected and how it relates to the themes of the sculpture.
  6. Groups will share their impressions and compare how hearing the thoughts of another group impacted their own thinking.