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The Beyond: Georgia O’Keeffe and Contemporary Art (Story)

OCTOBER 13, 2018 – JANUARY 20, 2019

Georgia O’Keeffe pioneered revolutionary ways of visually interpreting the world, leaving a lasting legacy for artists working today. This innovative exhibition brings together a significant group of O’Keeffe’s works as the centerpiece of an exploration of her continued force as a touchstone for contemporary art. Included in the exhibition are O’Keeffe’s sketchbooks with close observations of the world around her. These sketches formed the basis for finished paintings and often included color notations. 

Alongside paintings and sculpture by this founder of American modernism, viewers encounter works by emerging artists that evoke and expand upon O’Keeffe’s enchanting artistic language.

Through this exhibition and related programming, visitors may:

  • learn about how O’Keeffe was an innovator in the art world.
  • learn about O’Keeffe’s story and influences.
  • learn about some of the most common themes that O’Keeffe explored with her work.  
  • learn about how O’Keeffe has influenced other artists.
  • learn about the contemporary artists in the show as well as how they explore similar themes to O’Keeffe.

Member tickets will be available August 7 for members and September 4 for nonmembers. Teachers can learn about and request exhibition related school tours. Learn more about this exhibition here.

The Beyond: Georgia O'Keeffe and Contemporary Art