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Webinar Recording–NCMA Explore: Reimagining Ancient Worlds with Technology (Video)

NCMA Explore: Reimagining Ancient Worlds with Technology

How can you use technology to reimagine how students learn about ancient cultures? Learn more about NCMA Explore, a digital resource that allows students to engage with ancient civilizations through immersive technology. This hourlong program addresses NC Digital Learning Competencies in Digital Content and Instruction.

Webinar slides:

Ancient Peru Resources:

Exit Ticket:

If you have issues accessing NCMA Explore on your school system’s network please let us know.

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Standards and Digital Learning Competencies

NC Standard Course of Study Correlations

6.B.1 Understand ways in which culture influences civilizations.

NC Digital Learning Competencies for Classroom Teachers 

Digital Content and Instruction

Teachers will know and use appropriate digital tools and resources for instruction.

  • Identify, evaluate, and utilize appropriate digital tools and resources to challenge students to create, think critically, solve problems, establish reliability, communicate their ideas, collaborate effectively.
  • Immerse students in exploring relevant issues and analyze authentic problems through digital tools and resources.