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Artists in Process – Student HOME Page

AIP Home Page


You are part of a cohort of high school students across North Carolina participating in Artists in Process. In this program you will do the following:

  • Explore artists from the NCMA collection connected to the BIG CONCEPT – Interconnected

  • Choose works for inspiration and develop ideas in a process journal around the concept

  • Participate in a field trip (virtually or in person) for more inspiration

  • Meet a working North Carolina artist to hear about their process (virtually or in person)

  • Create work related to the theme, with the option of submitting to NCMA’s juried art exhibition

The program explores these key questions:

  • How do artists arrive at their final work? 

  • What is the process an artist goes through to develop, document, and refine their ideas? 

  • How do artists translate these ideas into a work of art or a body of work?

BIG Concept

This year’s concept focus is: INTERCONNECTED

  • Exploring themes of interconnectedness in works of art provides opportunities to engage with the complex relationship between the individual and the group.

  • How do you see yourself and others as both individuals and members of different, intersecting communities and systems? What does being interconnected mean?

Grab your Notebook and begin exploring! 


Collection #1

– Click Here to Explore works of art that relate to the theme INTERCONNECTED


Collection #2

– Click Here to Hear from artists about their process