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Yoan Capote (artist)



Internationally renowned artist, Yoan Capote, is among one of the best known contemporary Cuban artists still living and working in Cuba today. Employing a wide variety of media–painting, photography, video, sculpture, and installation–Capote creates works of art that poetically capture both highly personal experiences and universal issues of power, difference, alienation, isolation, dislocation, censorship, and restriction. Monumental landscape and seascape paintings are constructed out of thousands of fishhooks; cast bronze hands form sign language letters to spell out words including “Religion,” “Abstinencia,” “Politica.” Capote was born in Havana, Cuba, where he currently lives and works.

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Yoan Capote is a Cuban sculptor who was born in 1977 in Pinar del Río. He received the UNESCO prize during the 7th Havana Biennial with the artists' collective DUPP (Desde Una Pragmática Pedagógica).