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Coffin of Amunred (work of art)

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Third Intermediate-Late, Dynasties XXV-XXVI-circa 715-525 B.C.E.
circa 715-525 B.C.E.
71 x 19 x 16 3/4 in.
(180.3 x 48.3 x 42.5 cm)


This coffin is decorated with representations of various deities protecting the remains of the deceased, as well as hieroglyphic texts. The central inscription reads: “An offering that the king gives to Osiris, Foremost of the West, Great God, Lord of Abydos, so that he may give a fine burial and offerings to Osiris Amunred, son of Horshefemhat, born to the lady of the house, Isis-Nofret.”

Amunred is the man whose body was mummified and originally placed in the coffin, which is now empty. The name Osiris Amunred can be understood as “the late Amunred.” The inscription associates the name of the deceased with that of the god Osiris to indicate Amunred has died and, like Osiris, has been reborn in the afterlife. Amunred is also associated with Osiris by virtue of wearing a false beard, which indicates that, like the deity, he has achieved immortality.

tags: pattern, function, communication, identity, ritual, survival, Ancient Egypt


  • Egyptian Artist Coffin of Amunred 715 B.C.E Wood

    Coffin of Amunred by Unknown Egyptian Artist

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