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Krater (work of art)

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Greek (from Attica)
circa 470-460 B.C.E.-
circa 470-460 B.C.E.
H. 17 x Rim Diam. 16 1/2 x Base Diam. 14 1/2 in.
(43.2 x 41.9 x 36.8 cm)


The sea god Poseidon (identified by the trident he carries) here pursues a young woman, Aithra. The daughter of a Peloponnesian ruler, she becomes the mother of Theseus, the legendary king and hero of Athens. On the other side, a young woman flees while looking over her shoulder, as if frightened by the scene on the other side.

Mythology and history connect in this vase. The Athenian fleet had played a vital role in the defeat of the eastern barbarians in the Persian Wars, so Poseidon, whose dominion was the sea, became a popular deity. This krater reflects the great interest in stories about the god.

tags: Ancient Greece, narrative, pattern, function, order, power


  • Syriskos Painter Krater Ceramic

    Krater by Attributed to the Syriskos Painter

  • Syriskos Painter Krater Ceramic


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Purchased with funds from the Friends of Greek Art and with funds from April Axton and various donors, by exchange