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Peccary Effigy Jar (work of art)

Artwork Info

Artist Details
Costa Rican (Guanacaste or Diquis Region)
circa 1000-1550
H. 12 1/8 in.
(30.8 cm)


Pre-Columbian Costa Rican and Nicaraguan ceramic artists excelled in combining traditional jar forms with those of animals. This small cylindrical jar is supported by three appendages modeled to represent a peccary, or wild pig, common to the Central American lowlands. Note the peccary’s characteristically long and slightly curled nose. The artist cleverly fashioned his arms to form two supports, so that he seems to balance upside-down like an acrobat.

tags: symmetry, shape, environment, function, observation, pattern


  • Costa Rican Artist Peccary Effigy Jar 1000 Ceramic

    Peccary Effigy Jar by Unknown Costa Rican Artist