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Untitled (Light Under the Door) (work of art)

Artwork Info

Orit Raff
20 x 24 in.
(50.8 x 61 cm.)


Gift of Allen G. Thomas Jr.


Key Ideas about this Work of Art

  • Raff’s photographs focus on the minimal details of sculptural aspects of close interior surroundings. 
  • This photograph looks like an abstract painting but closer examination reveals it to be a precise photograph of light under a door.
  • Raff’s work shares a common language with abstract painters because her photographs are extremely minimal and subliminally representational.

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Orit Raff is a contemporary artist whose work focuses on the minimal details of sculptural aspects of close interior surroundings. Raff is known to photograph the marks or impressions made by objects on surfaces, particularly white surfaces. 

At first glance, Light Under the Door appears as both an abstract painting and a landscape. Further examination shows this photograph to be a close-up shot of a beam of light shining under the crack of a door. Raff takes the mundane and ordinary, like the space under a door, a bathtub drain, the edge of a sink, or a folded sheet, and transforms them with precise cropping, close up views, and controlled lighting into serenely beautiful abstractions. Her photographs are extremely minimal and subconsciously representational, sharing a common language with abstract painting and defying both the expectations of the traditional media of art and the modern medium of photography.


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  • Untitled (Light Under the Door)