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NCMA Student Design Mask Contest (Story)

Olivia, we’re still finalizing details for the mask contest but here’s a few details to give you some ideas. Looking forward to seeing your work, Miss Michelle

The North Carolina Museum of Art invites students 13 years and older to submit original designs for fabric for Special Edition of face masks for education outreach in Spring 2021. 

Deadline: TBD- Dec. 10? 

Finding Inspiration

Choose one of the following prompts to inspire your design:

  • Without using words, how would you visualize hope? Create 3-5 thumbnail sketches and ask someone in your home which design seems the most hopeful. 
  • Find inspiration in a favorite work at NCMA. Explore over 200 images on NCMALearn or the entire collection.
  • Learn how to create a repeating fabric design using Spoonflower through this lesson plan. Your design can repeat or you can create a design that bleeds… [need a template or size restrictions for printing].