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Mosaic Makers (lesson plan)


Students will observe an ancient Roman mosaic, identifying shapes and how the shapes together make up a larger shape. Students will then work in groups to create their own mosaic of shapes with pattern blocks, creating large square mosaics. Finally, students will compare the mosaics of their classmates and discuss the patterns and colors chosen.

Grade Levels
K, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
Subject Areas
Math, Visual Arts
Part/Whole, Variation
NC Standards Correlations
Visual Arts
K.V.1.4, K.V.1.5, K.CX. 2.2, K.CR.1, 1.V.1.4, 1.V.1.5, 1.CX. 2.2, 1.CR.1.2, 2.V.1.4, 2.V.1.5, 2.CX.2.2, 2.CR.1
NC.K.G.2, NC.K.G.4, NC.K.G.5, NC.K.G.6, NC.1.G.1, NC.1.G.2, NC.2.G.1

Artwork Related to this Lesson

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    Mosaic, by Unknown Roman Artist

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