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Picturing Text (lesson plan)


Through observation and discussion about the Inner Coffin of Djedmut, students will make connections between hieroglyphs and the English writing system. They will learn how visual images can be used to communicate sounds and meaning. As a class, students will compose a story about change in their community or state using pictograms of their own design.

Grade Levels
3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade
NC Standards Correlations
English Language Arts
W.3.1, SL.3.1, SL.3.2, W.4.1, SL.4.1, SL.4.2, W.5.1, SL.5.1, SL.5.2
Social Studies
3.H.1.1, 4.H.2.1
Visual Arts
3.V.1.2, 3.V.2.1, 3.V.3.3, 3.CX.1.2, 3.CX.1.4, 3.CX.2.3, 4.V.1.3, 4.V.2.1, 4.V.3.3, 4.CX.1.4, 4.CX.2.3, 5.V.2.1, 5.V.3.3, 5.CX.1.4, 5.CX.2.3

Artwork Related to this Lesson

  • Inner Coffin of Djedmut

    Inner Coffin of Djedmut, by

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