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Virtual Field Trips

Join the NCMA live from the galleries and direct to your classroom. All programs are interactive and interdisciplinary.

Virtual Field Trips at NCMA

Choose from one of the four standards-based programs below to talk with a Museum educator live from the galleries. Program price includes a package of resources with optional pre- and post-visit activities and a live virtual experience in the galleries with an NCMA educator.

Ancient Mosaics and Early Math (grades K-2, 30-min program)

Students explore K-2 math standards in geometry while practicing observation, collaboration, and creative thinking by discussing NCMA’s Roman Mosaic and create their own collaborative mosaic.

COMING JANUARY 2019– Art Scientists (grades 3-5, 30-min program)

Students practice scientific inquiry while engaging with works of art in the collection.

If you are interested in reviewing plans and beta-testing this program, please e-mail

Gaining STEAM from Ancient Egyptian Artifacts (grades 6-8, 45-min program)

Through the Museum’s collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts, students explore the big question: Why do humans make? Students investigate two ancient amulets using visual analysis and 3-D printing technology and discuss how materials and technology affect culture and artistic expression.

Perspectives: Understanding African-American Experiences through Art (grades 9-12, 45-min program)

How do artists represent African-American history and experiences? Students investigate two paintings depicting differing narratives of enslaved Africans in the pre-Civil War era and work collaboratively to make meaning from the paintings, examining a work of poetry in tandem to deepen their exploration.

Interested in another topic of have questions?

Contact to discuss your curriculum needs.

How do you schedule a virtual field trip?

Programs must be requested 2 weeks prior to the lesson date.

If you or your organization are CILC members, request a program here: CILC

Not a CILC member? Fill out this form to request a field trip.

North Carolina public schools whose ratio of low-income students has been determined by the state Department of Public Instruction as 60% or higher qualify for a scholarship to cover the cost of the program.

Schedule your Virtual Field Trip at least two weeks in advance.