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Video: Nature Altars (Video)

Nature Altars 

Merriam-Webster defines an altar as “a usually raised structure or place on which sacrifices are offered or incense is burned in worship.” The works of art on the left were originally created to serve as part of an altar. Not all altars are made of gold, or hang in the exalted realms of cathedrals or museums. You can create an altar in your backyard.

Take a brief and inspiring journey with Kamara Thomas on her land in Durham as she discusses building altars with simple natural materials she finds in her quiet settings. This deeply contemplative process connects her to the land and becomes part of her own spiritual artistic practice.

Kimara’s responsive use of the beautiful materials she finds in nature are similar to the methods land artists use as they build sometimes monumental works into specific landscapes. While Kimara’s works are small and very personal, check out the work of James Turrell as he transforms a giant crater into a natural observatory. Both find inspiration in nature in their own ways.

How does Kimara’s altar change your idea of an altar? How would you build an altar in nature?

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