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Audubon Experience (Story)

DE SILVAE NATURAE, OLO creative farm, 2017. Audubon images courtesy Joel Oppenheimer, Inc. Video courtesy of Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields.

February 16, 2019 – September 15, 2019

In celebration of the newly installed Audubon Gallery, NCMA has developed a 7 month multimedia installation where visitors can view four large Audubon folios from The Birds of America and learn about the naturalist’s life and artistic process. In the Audubon Experience exhibition, visitors catch Audubon’s birds come to life through an immersive experience developed by OLO creative farm.

Today only about 200 complete sets of The Birds of America exist. The Museum’s set, bound in four leather portfolios, was acquired by the State of North Carolina in 1848 and kept for more than a century at the State Library before being transferred to the Museum. The hand-colored engravings were recently conserved and rebound. In the new Audubon Gallery, the NCMA presents Audubon’s work in special cases designed for each of the enormous “double elephant” volumes, with hydraulic lifts that allow staff access so that the pages can be turned periodically to display a new selection of birds.

Look for related professional development workshops and public programs related to the newly installed Audubon Gallery as well as videos and teaching resources on NCMALearn.