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Middle School: Bride by Beth Lipman (Art Card)

Beth Lipman (American, born 1971), Bride, 2010, glass, wood, paint, and glue

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About the Artist

Beth Lipman is an American artist who is best known for making still life sculptures out of glass. She recreates parts of still life paintings from the 1500s and 1600s in her sculptures.


About the Art

Bride is a five-tiered, 10-foot-tall still life sculpture. It is made from more than 500 glass pieces. It was inspired by objects in paintings from the NCMA’s collection.


Look Closely

  • What do you see in this work? What do you think the materials are? What is recognizable to you?
  • What happens to the sculpture as you work your way from the top level to the bottom?



  • The artist named this sculpture Bride. Why do you think she selected the title Bride instead of something related, such as wife? What do you see in the sculpture that reminds you of a bride or a wedding? How are labels like bride connected to identity, sense of self, and how people perceive others?
  • If you created a tiered sculpture about yourself, what would you include? Why?



  • Why do you think Lipman makes the sculpture evolve from orderly to messy as it moves from top to bottom?
  • What message do you think she was trying to send?


Learn More

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See Bride from multiple angles!