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High School: Corrugated by Simone Leigh (Art Card)

Simone Leigh (American, born 1967), Corrugated, 2019, bronze and raffia

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About the Artist

Simone Leigh was born in Chicago, Illinois, and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. Leigh’s art explores race, gender, and history with a focus on the female form and Black female identity.


About the Art

The female figure in Corrugated sits on top of a base that might be interpreted as a skirt or an abstracted body. The curved and ridged base references industrial architecture, a recurring theme in Leigh’s work.


Look Closely

  • What materials does it look like the artist uses in this sculpture? What do you think the materials would feel like?
  • What parts of the sculpture remind you of things you can see in real life? What parts seem less realistic?



  • In discussing her work Simone Leigh says, “I just like the idea of thinking about femininity in a different way, as something solid and enduring rather than always something fragile and weak.” 
    • How does our society define or characterize femininity? How does Corrugated reflect this desire to redefine femininity outside of dominant societal norms?



The materials in this sculpture have a strong association with place (raffia with Africa and African art; corrugated tubing with urban construction sites). How do you think the artist is connecting identity and place? How does place shape our identities? Is the place where you’re from part of your personality? Or do you feel at odds with where you live? Why or why not?


Learn More

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