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Marble as Material: Live Session with Artist Peter Oakley and Objects Conservator Corey Riley (Video)

NC Artist Peter Oakley and NCMA Objects Conservator Corey Riley discuss marble from scientific and artistic perspectives.

As you view this video, consider how you might answer the following questions:

  1. What do you already know about marble as a material for creating art?
  2. What are a few misconceptions people have about marble?
  3. Peter Oakley uses the term “contrapposto” in describing his process in creating Stack 2. What does this term refer to in classical art and how has he applied it to his own work?
  4. Where does Peter Oakley get his marble? What is unique about some of the places he finds the stone?
  5. This video compares the classical sculpture of Bacchus to the contemporary work of Peter Oakley. How is his work similar and/or different from the sculpture from antiquity?
  6. Who was Bacchus and why would a culture honor him with a monumental sculpture?


Read this story for more information on the process for creating the arm of Bacchus