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Meet the Art: Beaded Crown (Quick Tip)

Unknown Yoruban Artist, Beaded Crown


This work of art is a crown worn by the oba, or ruler, of the Yoruba people from West Africa. The crown is worn on special occasions.

The colorful lines and shapes were made using tiny beads. What colors are the lines? Are the lines straight, zigzag, or curvy? Trace the lines in the air with your finger. How many shapes can you find?


A pattern is made when lines, colors, or shapes repeat over and over again. How many patterns can you find on this crown? Look on NCMALearn for works of art that show patterns.


Make a crown of your own! Use colored papers, pictures from magazines and newspapers, even small beads and buttons. Cut out different shapes and use your favorite colors to make patterns.

Where will you wear your crown?