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Meet the Art: Model of a Boat (Quick Tip)

Unknown Egyptian Artist, Model of a Boat


Look carefully at this model of a very old Egyptian boat.

How many people are on this boat moving the oars? Oars push against the water to move the boat down the river. Pretend that you are using oars to row a boat down a river.

A very long time ago, the Egyptian people who made this small boat also made big boats that looked like this. The big boats were large enough for people to ride in. They used boats for fishing and to get from one place to another.

Have you ever been on a boat? Where did it take you? What did it feel like? What are some other ways you can move from one place to another?


This boat is made from wood. Did you know that wood floats?

Find other things around your house that float. (Cork, plastic, empty cans, sponges.)

Make a toy boat of your own by connecting different things that float. Take it for a ride in your bathtub or sink.