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Model of a Boat (work of art)

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Artist Details
First Intermediate Period-Early Middle Kingdom, circa 2181-1880 B.C.E.
circa 1985-1650 B.C.E.
30 1/2 x 20 1/2 x 41 in.
(77.5 x 52.1x 104.1 cm)


During the Middle Kingdom, tombs often contained models of boats for the deceased to use in a journey across water, a trip necessary to achieve resurrection in the afterlife. With its round bottom and prow and stern in the shape of stylized papyrus, this model boat resembles actual boats used on the Nile. A pilot at the prow watches the river ahead, and a helmsman with two oars steers from the stern. Two sailors attend the rigging for the sail, while four rowers pull on their oars. The deceased, covered in a white garment, sits impassively under a canopy viewing his progress toward the afterlife.


Tags: wood, ceremony, passage, Ancient Egypt


  • Egyptian artist Model of a Boat 1650 B.C.E

    Model of a Boat by Unknown Egyptian Artist

    Egyptian Model of a Boat