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Meet the Art: Raqqa II (Quick Tip)

Frank Stella, Raqqa II


How many colors can you name in this painting? What is your favorite color? Can you find it in more than one place?

The artist has repeated colors. When you use something more than once, you are repeating it. Can you find a circle in this painting? Can you find another one? The circle shape is repeated many times.


This painting shows many lines that form shapes. In the air, trace one of the shapes made by the lines.

When these shapes and lines are repeated, we see a pattern. Can you find a pattern on your clothes? Look at the bottom of your shoe and see if there are repeated shapes. As you look around your space, keep your eyes open for art that uses repeated colors or shapes.


Make a shape and color collage:

  • Cut or tear a shape (a circle, triangle, or square) from a small piece of construction paper.
  • Cut or tear another one that is the same shape. It can be the same size or bigger or smaller.
  • Glue them on a big piece of construction paper.
  • Choose a different shape. Make two or more of them. Decide where to glue them on your paper.
  • Make more shapes and add them to the paper until your collage is finished.