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Virtual Field Trips for Students with Disabilities (Tour Resource)

VFTs for Students with Disabilities

The NCMA welcomes students with disabilities and diverse learning needs to participate in our virtual field trip programs.  In addition to the following programs, captioning, ASL interpretation, and audio description are available upon request.  If you are interested in these options, contact 


For blind and/or visually impaired students:

Exploring Movement in Art

In this VFT, designed for students ages 8-16 who are blind or visually impaired, students will explore two works of art from the NCMA’s permanent collection that show movement, but in different ways.  Each artwork stop will include listening to an audio description of the work, thinking about the kinetics and multi-sensory aspects of the work, and engaging in discussion around each artist’s use of moment.


For students following the extended curriculum

In these separate VFTs, designed for students following the extended curriculum, students look carefully at works of art from the NCMA’s permanent collection.  Multi-sensory experiences, multiple choice questions, and board-maker style images allow students to interact with the museum educator, their teachers, and the works of art. Choose one topic below or schedule multiple sessions!

  • Art & Weather
  • Art & Music
  • Art & Animals


If you are interested in customizing a virtual field trip experience for your students, Contact

VFT in action

Virtual Field Trips are FREE, interactive experiences, live with a museum educator.