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Visual Literacy Resources: Part 3 (Story)

Do you need to get Vis Lit savvy? Are you looking for ways to help students think through the use of images? Here are some links we think will help.

  • ECU professor Todd Finley wrote a useful post on Edutopia providing easy-to-use Vis Lit strategies. It includes one of our favorites: Visual Thinking Strategies.
  • Have you tried ThingLink? If you enjoy Pinterest, you’ll love this tool.
  • Visual narratives, visual storytelling, the art of comics. Whatever you choose to call it, Scott McCloud has graphic storytelling down to a science. Hear and watch his fast-paced Ted Talk on the Visual Magic of Comics.


All the lesson plans on the NCMALearn Web site support visual literacy objectives. Here are three highlights to explore.

Making Choices (grades 3-5)

Determining Importance (grades 6-8)

The Art of Writing (grades 9-12)


Revisit Part 1 and Part 2 or move forward to Part 4.