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Ludolf Backhuysen (artist)



Ludolf Backhuysen became the undisputed leader of the Dutch sea-storm painting genre during the last quarter of the seventeenth century. Largely self-taught, he turned to painting only after earlier careers as a clerk and accountant, and a calligrapher and draftsman. In 1663 he joined Amsterdam’s Guild of Saint Luke, after which he produced a large and impressive array of paintings. His clients included the Archduke of Tuscany, Czar Peter the Great, and the Elector of Brandenburg.

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Ludolf Bakhuizen (28 December 1630 or 1632 – 7 November 1708) was a German-born Dutch painter, draughtsman, calligrapher and printmaker. He was the leading Dutch painter of maritime subjects after Willem van de Velde the Elder and Younger left for England in 1672. He also painted portraits of his family and circle of friends.