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Reimagining Student Tour Experiences

Along with reimagining the People’s Collection,the NCMA has updated the Student and Youth Group tour menu. If you have questions or need assistance, please email the NCMA tour administrator at


Eye Spy, East Building, Age Group: K–2

Building on young learners’ ability to identify elements of art, such as color, form, and shape, Eye Spy builds confidence and curiosity around the “art of seeing” to describe and interpret a variety of works of art.

Looking for the Story, West Building, Age Group: Grades 3–5

Students are led through the rigors of close-looking to describe stories depicted in works from the NCMA’s collection. Investigation of various cultures and art movements encourages learning from others and helps build articulation of students’ own perspectives.

Art of NC, West Building, Age Group: Grades 3–12

The Art of NC tour encompasses painting, textiles, ceramics, sculpture, and photography—works as varied as the state is wide. Each object inspires and teaches, just as many of the artists who led local and national art movements. Come explore new connections about NC’s cultural history.

The Power of Portraits, East Building, Age Group: Grades 6–12

How do you define a portrait? Students explore how portraits have both upheld and challenged systems of power throughout history.

Ancient Cultures, West Building, Age Group: Grades 6–8

Dive into ancient worlds by exploring stories behind the makers and purposes of objects from these ancient civilizations. Students explore how cultural expressions reflect the values of civilizations, societies, and regions across four continents.

Women Artists as Influencers, East Building, Age Group: Grades 6–12

Explore the innovation and influence of women artists from 19th-century art movements to contemporary art exploration. Students learn the names, techniques, and intent of women across time and place. 


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  2. La solicitud del Portal es sensible al tiempo: 10 minutos
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  4. Es necesario avisar con 3 semanas de antelación