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NCMA Explore

NCMA Explore: A Collection of XR Tools for Learning Around Ancient Civilizations

NCMA Explore is a new, innovative resource created to support learning at the middle school level. It reimagines how students engage with ancient civilizations by harnessing the power of immersive technology and the learning potential that lies within museum objects.

NCMA Explore features a variety of XR (extended reality) tools to spark curiosity and drive learning. Students can take scavenger hunts in recreated archaeological spaces to find 3D museum objects from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Mexico, Peru, and Rome, and they can play associated mini games to extend engagement. They can go deeper with museum objects by investigating them on Sketchfab or through the AR (augmented reality) app, Zappar.

To use NCMA Explore, you need an internet connection and a laptop, desktop, or Chromebook with a keyboard and trackpad or mouse. Headphones and a microphone are helpful but not required. The Sketchfab and Zappar portions of NCMA Explore are mobile-friendly and can be accessed using a phone or tablet.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email NCMA Explore project manager Camille Tewell at

Click the hotspots in the map, below, to access NCMA Explore content related to Ancient Peru, Mexico, Egypt, Rome, and Greece.

NCMA Explore also includes an immersive, virtual museum that unites the resources and activities for all five content areas. Design your own avatar and wander the galleries of the virtual NCMA alone or with friends to find arcade cabinets containing mini games and portals that lead to scavenger hunts in Ancient Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Rome, and Greece.

Teachers: want to reserve a private version of the virtual museum to use with your students? The private virtual museum holds up to 50 students and can be held for 5 consecutive days at a time. For more information or to make a reservation, contact the NCMA Explore project manager Camille Tewell at

Try NCMA Explore in your classroom? Let us know how it went!

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