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Activity Idea: Empathy Poem (Quick Tip)

Examples of Figurative Work for Empathy Poem


Identify a figure in a work of art that you want to consider as a group.

Imagine and Write

Silently and individually: imagine what the figure in the work of art might say if he/she could speak. Each participant is given a strip of paper. On the strip of paper, write a sentence in the voice of the figure.

Read and Listen

Participants read their sentences aloud to the rest of the group.

Collaborative Editing

Participants read their sentences aloud again, this time with the group considering how the sentences might be ordered in order to have the best flow or make the most impact. As a group, physically move the strips around on a sheet of paper until everyone in the group is satisfied with their order. Once the group is in agreement, use tape to secure the strips in the selected order on the sheet of paper.


The group performs/reads their collaborative poem for an audience. Each group member is responsible for performing/reading the sentence they crafted.